Lake Wallenpaupack Escape

I'm back but only briefly, as today I leave for an overnight retreat with the administrators of the school.

Golly, did we have a good and productive time away at the Lake. The cabin was not as rustic as "cabin" implies. It was very comfortable, and across the street from an enormous and lovely lake. We ate our meals on the deck, and could spy the lake from there. The walkway down to the lake was across the street.

There were five of us. We divided up the chores and put a chart on the fridge indicating who was doing what. It was funny how people, even though they were not signed up for a duty at a particular meal, would try to volunteer and help. We women are certainly well trained!

We had wonderful meals, laughed a lot, solved several of the problems of the world. And sewed. I taught Judy the Disappearing Nine Patch. I sandwiched, tied and began the binding on the baby quilt for Sofia and I made two more purses. Pictures to follow. Certainly hoping this can be an annual event. Need to stay on Honna's Good Side!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Productive escape indeed. I need to find the tutorial online for the disappearing 9-patch, I had found it at one time and really wanted to do one; no time like the present.
CONNIE W said…
Sounds so good. Good friends = Good Fun.
atet said…
Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time! Can't wait to see the photos of the projects you made.