Christmas in August?

Chookyblue in Australia has had a terrific idea. You can go here to find out about it and join, if you like.

I usually start planning for Christmas in August, anyway. I write down the names. I start to pencil in ideas. I even start shopping, if I can. I have written the names, I have penciled in the ideas, and I have bought a few of the smaller items.

On my internet quilting buddies group, we usually have a secret santa among us. It is one of the things I look forward to the most durng the holiday season -- learning who my recipient is and starting to find things for her.

Chookyblue is proposing an international secret santa exchange, where people do not necessarily know anything about their recipient OR their sender without reading that person's blog. I think it is a brilliant idea and just can't wait until early September when I find out who my partner is. Chooky has urged participants to spread the word -- so consider it spread, and please think about joining! But do not dawdle -- sign-ups close on August 31st!


thanks for spreading the word...........
Susan said…
I'm going to look, against my better judgment! Timing is everything. =)
NoVA Dad said…
Oh, I definitely admire you for even beginning to plan out your Christmas shopping strategy this early. Every year, I have the wistful thought that I will do the same and be able to enjoy the mad rush after Thanksgiving from the safety of my home. Needless to say, I'm still striving for that goal!