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When we returned home from our long trip, our cat Bodacious was not exactly overjoyed to see us. Ruth had apparently done too good a job of house-and-cat sitting. He looked at us with disdain, as if to say, "Oh, you DID decided to come back, eh?" I'd sent Bernina off to the shop the day before we left for a much-needed tension adjustment, clean-out, and general tune-up. I hoped she wouldn't respond the same way!

I belong to two different monthly block exchanges, and when we came home, both were in need of attention. Today after work I did them, and it sure felt good. Bernina, unlike Bodacious, was simply purring as we moved along. Becky had sent the autumn leaves and asked for a Monkey Wrench using a gold background, and Michelle sent along a quiet Christmasy print, requesting the Triangle Chain block with red and green added. I liked her print a lot, and was happy it called for muted red and green rather than the traditional bright ones.

I was happy to be behind my machine again!


kdmade said…
Yay for sewing with no pressure....I'm working on it....what's the date today??!!?

ps...I'm very happy about the muted christmas colors too!
graceamazes said…
No surprise about Bo giving you the cold shoulder on your return. Cats WILL be cats, after all!

How do those monthly block exchanges work? And, if one was so inclined, how does one get involved?