Three Unrelated Pictures

Carol took up jewelry making last year and has been prolific. She sells her creations in the school bookstore. She will come in on a Monday morning with a bag of new things, and stop at my office on her way to the bookstore. "Anything you like?" she'll ask. "Take it." She's given me at least a half a dozen terrific pairs of earrings, and never lets me pay for them.

She liked the bag that I made for her, the one with the turtle fabric, very much. The problem was the white top -- apparently Carol's turned into a Slave To Fashion -- she was worried about carrying that bag after Memorial Day. She thought she would like to have one that was brown and black, so it would go with all kinds of things. Not a problem. I made her this bag and delivered it today. She started talking about her checkbook and payment. I would not tolerate that. Told her if she had to do something, she could give me a pair of earrings to give to our house guest, Anna Maria. She liked that plan.

Julie was the person who inspired me to Pay It Forward. I'm still working on my gifts; they should be done in another week. One day last week the postman brought this terrific quilted case! Isn't it wonderful? This was Julie's Pay It Forward to Me. I'm thinking that it will be a great travel and storage case for my brand new rotary cutter. Julie does terrific work. And is such a nice person, too.

Jo is part of the monthly birthday block group. She sent the dark red and asked for a 9-inch block with a cream backgound. I had such fun making this block for her. It will go in the mail tomorrow.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Well done, Nancy! I love the way the purse just grew right up outta the garden, that's quite a plant you have there... gotta get me one of those. I am working on my PIF, too.
Nicole said…
Love the way the birthday block turned out!