Polar Vortex?

As far as the weather Near Philadelphia goes these days, the less said the better. I'm home from work today (went in yesterday for just a couple of hours) due to the white stuff, and plan to spend much of the day with Bernina.

I'd shown a block in my last post; how there are nearly a dozen of them made from that bouquet of Fat Quarters from so long ago. I am planning on 35 blocks; since they finish at ten inches, it will take that many to make a quilt of useful size. The colors and the designs are on the quiet side, kind of like the falling snow. But the block pattern itself (whatever it is named) has some important movement to it. Some years down the road, I might remember that I called the quilt Polar Vortex, but prolly will have no idea why.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Perfect blocks for a snowy day!
You must be psychic. ;)
Barbara Anne said…
Love these snowy blocks and they will make a wonderful cozy quilt! Might you include some current weather information on your quilt label and/or back the quilt with flannel?

I spent part of my growing up years in suburban Chicago and remember on this date in 1967, Chicago got 27" of snow in less than 24 hours. It was called the Big Snow and wasn't in the forecast. The many CTA snow plows were blocked in the garages due to snow drifts.

Stay snug!

Pat said…
It really does look vortex-ish, with those swirling blocks. I really like it. Is the background Kona Snow? (giggle)
Gretchen said…
Polar vortex is the perfect name for this quilt. Hope you get out of the deep freeze soon. It's a great day to stay home and sew.
Janet O. said…
I think you hit the nail on the head with the name for this quilt!
Info on the label about the meaning of the name isn't a bad idea!
LizA. said…
They have such a soothing look to them. But yet, I also see swirling like I'm sure the wind and snow have been doing up and down the east coast.