I'm really handling the hit-and-run driver thing remarkably well. Even Himself has commented on it. My deductible is $500 plus 20% of the rental car. Joe observed this morning that "it's as if someone stole five hundred dollars from us."


And I'm calm. Much more than anyone who knows me would expect.

My counterpart at a church in the next town has a complicated neurological disorder that causes tremors and, I believe, speech hesitancy. Medications had unpleasant side effects and the solution  to the condition was the implantation of some sort of an electronic device in her brain. A month or so ago she became ill; it has been determined that the implant is infected. She is going to have to go into the hospital to have it removed and when she does that, the disorder will be right back, raring to go. A month of intravenous antibiotics will follow and then I'm not sure what before she can go back in hospital to have a replacement device implanted.

My good friend has some sort of an eye problem that has gone on for months and months; when it is at its peak, she has to wear dark glasses to get some relief from the discomfort it causes. It is a chronic condition, and finally a few weeks ago some topical drops were tried and afforded her some measure of relief. She was so happy. But when she went to refill the prescription, suddenly the medicine is unavailable. Anywhere. How absolutely frustrating!

And another dear friend's husband's cancer returned with a vengeance a couple of months ago. In mid-December they were told to contact hospice. He died yesterday.

I'll take a hit-and-run car accident with a $500 deductible over any of these.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Amen, Amen, and AMEN . . .
Anonymous said…
Oh Nancy, you are so right. Prayers going out for your friends, and of course, for you.
LoieJ said…
Perspective makes a difference. Yet we don't always know how much a seemingly "minor" ailment affects another person's life. That's what I'm dealing with for the last two years: something that means several house a day of care, yet it isn't supposedly a bad disease.

But cars and money come and go.

In the past, we've tried saving money by raising our deductible, but it always backfired by then getting hit by someone, fortunately most times, in a minor way. We are back to a lower deductible.
LoieJ said…
PS, I didn't mean to imply that your friends have minor ailments. Only that many of us have things we might not talk about that are a pain in one way or another.
Barbara Anne said…
Wishing these friends of yours well. I'll keep them and all who need it in my prayers, too.

As I read somewhere, "Be kind to all you meet for everyone is battling something." That is paraphrased but hope you get the sense of it.

Bummer about the car deductible.

Janet O. said…
Oh, so true! Having such perspective makes things that would otherwise seem enormous, shrink into their proper place.
Cathy said…
When 2 different friends' husbands had strokes several years ago, it helped me realize the difference between the 'big things' and the 'little things' when it comes to life's 'disasters'. Here's hoping the best for all your friends and for you, too!
Unknown said…
Indeed - clouds and silver linings again - cars are fixable and there are no pockets in shrouds xxx
Karla said…
I love your sense of prospective. I too have a financial blow ($800). I could choose not to have it, but not doing so is kinda like playing lottery with my life. These things are like a mosquito bite compared to what other people are enduring. I will pray for your friends. And I will also say one for your continued serenity.
Life requires us to maintain our perspective, it seems these last half dozen years or get caught in the maelstrom and lose who I am in the process. Thank you for reminding us of what's most important in this short span we are given here on earth to do our best.