SSCS Report for 2013

This year I participated in Chooky Blue's International SSCS (Secret Santa Claus Swap) again. I don't know whether it was the 7th or 8th annual event, but I do know that I've been a participant since the very first year.

Usually I send to and receive from someone in Australia and this year was no exception.

Kate had my name and she made me this absolutely delightful Christmas stitchery hanging, complete with sleeve. Please click to enlarge it; you won't want to miss how darling it is and how careful Kate's stitching is!

In addition to the main gift, participants also send an ornament, preferably one that is hand-made. Kate sent two small flocks of tiny birds. They flew in too late for this year's tree, but will be perfect for the tabletop tree that we'll have next Christmas.

I drew Cheryll's name this year and sent her a tote bag that I made for her; there are nine bricks in a row made out of Kaffe fabrics.

Cheryll runs a lovely charity called "Blankets of Love," which provides wee quilts for stillborn babies or babies who die shortly after birth. When I read about this, I knew that in addition to her main gift, I needed to make a Blanket of Love to send to Cheryll with her tote bag and the tree ornament that I had stitched for her.


Janet O. said…
Very nice swap, indeed. That is a darling stitched piece you received.
Making a blanket was very thoughtful of you. I am quite intrigued by that lovely little vintage-looking candy cane ornament you stitched up. So cute!
Quiltdivajulie said…
What a lovely swap - for each of you! So thoughtful.
LizA. said…
What fun and it looks like you had the perfect swap partners.
Barbara Anne said…
What delightful gifts you received and sent!! Swaps and the ensuing surprise packages are so much fun!