Comment Backlog

My inbox is jammed. Some of it is email from family, friends, and businesses. A lot of it, however, is from you. Comments left on my blog. Comments that I was hoping to respond to.

It's to the point that my mailbox is clogged. I can't find anything.

And I don't realistically have to time to respond to the comments.

I've never been one who responded to each and every comment left. I do try hard to respond to first-timers and from time-to-time to the regular readers.

Right now, however, I need to invoke some kind of Comment Response Amnesty. I need to just go in and delete all of those comments. And start fresh.

With a Clean Slate!


Pat said…
Isn't there a setting you can fix so that each comment doesn't go to your email inbox? The comments show up in the blog comments, but they don't clog your email inbox.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Cheers! I'll take a glass chilled, si'l vous plait.
Salem Stitcher said…
Comments on my blog don't go to my email. I don't know how I set it up like that but that's how it happens. Anyway, I hardly ever respond to comments on my blog and don't expect an email back when I comment on someone else's blog. Too much stress! It's supposed to be fun, right? Delete them all and start anew!
Anonymous said…
I say comments be da**ed! Delete Away without Shame!

I too have felt very similar with my blog comments lately. I think anyone who gets horribly upset at the lack of a response is being a bit silly anyway.
*karendianne. said…
I don't mind if you don't reply to my comments. Actually, I worry when you do. I figure I'm about to be in TROUBLE for something baaaddd!

Besides, I'm free love for you.
Tanya said…
I think you are right! I sometimes get to feeling the same way and I wonder what people would rather I do anyway... Answer their comments or go visit them on their blog? Yes, this is supposed to be fun!