A Super Long Weekend

At the school where I work, the Friday of Labor Day weekend is a school holiday. Which gives us four whole wonderful days before the madness of the school year begins. And this year it started off with a dinner party at the head's home on Thursday evening. This surely did set the tone!

So yesterday, the bonus day, was a splendid amalgam of family and fabric. Sherry and her little ones came down for a visit. The mall nearest to my home has a carousel and the kids had never been there. So off we went! The carousel operator had not arrived by the time we did, so we popped into a department store where I bought each of the children a new autumn outfit and Sherry found some warm, fuzzy pajamas that they'll need all too soon. Lunch at the food court -- joined by Grandpop -- and then the carousel! Sherry rode on the back of an ostrich and the rest of us chose horses that went up and down. Sam was ecstatic and renamed the ride the horsosel. After more visiting back at home, off they all went to an end-of-summer pizza and pool party with some friends, and I went down to the studio.

I may have mentioned that I subscribed to the next year's Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop and since my subscription started a little late, I received the first three blocks all together. Well, friends, I'm so proud to report that all three -- including the million-piece Block #3 -- are together and looking good! Block #4 will likely arrive by the end of the week, so I'm right where I should be on this! I used the blocks from Mellie's quilt as leader-enders, pairing a square with a nine-patch, and now am working on making giant four-patch blocks from those pairs. When they are all finished, I'll put them up on the design wall and move them around before proceeding further.

Tonight I have cousins coming to dinner and tomorrow evening we're going to visit some dear friends; Monday perhaps we'll catch a movie.

And in between . . . well, need I spell it out?


enjoy your break............don't we get to see the blocks......
Gari in AL said…
You really have a hectic schedule, even in your play time. Have fun!
Unknown said…
I don't doubt that in the Near Philadelphia household all carousels will be officially known as horsosels from now on - that's how family words begin. What a lovely long weekend you have ahead of you - enjoy!
Juliann said…
Sounds like quite a weekend. I am on the other end of the spectrum - just holing up with my needle and thread and trying to do some internal rejuvenating.