A Wedding and A Wee Getaway

Saturday was Stephanie's wedding. What a beautiful bride she made! Stephanie had lost her dad a little less than a year ago and had asked her mom to walk down the aisle with her. Kathy looked lovely in a rose dress, and was brave and composed. I knew how proud Steve would have been, but still the tears came into my eyes as I looked at the two of them.

You remember Stephanie; she's the one who fell in love by the sea. I'd gone over to her home one evening last week to deliver "Porcelainberries" to her and she was very pleased with it.

The wedding was at the seashore, of course, about a two-hour drive from Near Philadelphia.

We drove down on Saturday morning, arriving in Sea Isle City in time to get a bit of lunch before the ceremony. Afterwards, there was a three-hour gap before the reception. We'd decided to stay overnight in Cape May. Since it was a weekend, all of the B&Bs wanted a two-night stay. But we'd found a place that had a tiny efficiency in the back and the owner was willing to let us have it for the one night. We went down the coast from Sea Isle and checked in to the efficiency, had a nap, and went back up to Stone Harbor for a pig roast on the beach. What fun!

This morning we slept in, had a late breakfast at the Mad Batter (a really rare treat because we normally stay at a bed and breakfast), wandered a very little bit and got home just in time for another nap!

It was a lovely mini-getaway! We didn't feel the need to do much more because in another few weeks we'll be down again for a longer weekend.

We did stop in the Life Is Good shop because Joe wanted to get a pair of Crocs and I knew they had them there. While he did that, I wandered around looking at all of the Life Is Good merchandise. And of course I thought of dear Debbie and thought, "Even when there are tears, life is good."


Salem Stitcher said…
Oh that sounds like a wonderful trip. And how sweet that her mom walked her down the aisle. Yes, life is good.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Life is the best, the support of family and friends and the embrace of a loving God gives testimony to that fact. We are so richly blessed. I know how bittersweet this day had to be for everyone.
Lori said…
That sounds like a nice relaxing weekend away. Good for you, Nancy.
Unknown said…
When the loss of a person leaves a big hole in your life there's nothing like a big family 'do' to bring it all into sharp focus again. How brave of them both for mum to walk her down the aisle but I'll bet they were helped by all the good wishes from all of you there to share it with them