Unpleasant Surprise

I'd hoped to have another vegetarian recipe to share with you tonight. I'd cut out a recipe for a wonderful leek, grape tomato and fresh mozzarella risotto. I'm a real sucker for risotto.

I even skipped play practice to come home and stand and stir and stir and stir. As I was getting the ingredients together, I opened the fresh mozzarella I'd bought a couple of days ago. "Use by 09/27/09" it said. I took a tiny taste and recoiled in distaste. It was bad!


Fortunately, I had a couple of nice chicken breasts and came up with an alternative entree. Tomorrow I'm taking that cheese back and asking for a new one. And perhaps then I can make my dish. And share it with you.


*karendianne. said…
Whew, that means I have enough time to make it if you invite me. I'll bring dessert?
Judi said…
Thank goodness you tried a little piece before adding it to your dish and ruining the whole thing!

Sounds delicious, though...
Its awful when that happens, especially when you have planned your menu and gone to all that trouble.
Glad you had something else on hand to make.
Salem Stitcher said…
Yuck. Good thing you checked it first. I'll have to remember that. I never test first. But then again, I hardly ever cook!
Lori said…
Gross! I know this can happen but it sure is annoying! Sounds like a good meal:)
BTW, you commented today on my blog and now you are on noreply.:(