When Ya Gotta Go . . .

During the wedding reception on Saturday, eventually I needed to leave the table to find the restroom. When I found it, I saw a sign just like the one to the left and in front of it, the dreaded line.

But what was very, very odd, was that all of the people in the line were men.

Bewildered, I glanced around. Another woman asked, "Are you looking for the ladies room? It's right there." She pointed to an unmarked door. I opened it to find a large, lovely ladies room, with about five stalls, a large counter with sinks and places for touch-up, a comfy chair, and a basket of amenities. No crowd. No line. No crossed legs. No nothing, except a couple of nicely-dressed women exchanging pleasantries, and the mother of the bride, who gave me a hug.

We were at the Women's Civic Club in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. The women's civic club.


And when I left the ladies room, that long line of men was still there. The same ones!

Did my heart good, I tell you. Did my heart good.


Micki said…
That must have been so nice. You sound like you had a lovely time!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Now that's a turnabout for sure, I love it! I'm not sure that I've ever seen the placard with the "line" as such. However, when we were returning from Canada I saw a sign outside a Ladies room that stated: "no persons of the opposite sex are allowed entry, unless assisting a handicapped individual." (I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist) That was a first for me.
Pat Deck said…
Karma. It's Karma, I tell you.
Helen said…
Ah...it feels soooo good to have read this!

I betcha it was because a woman was in there, that's why they were still in line. I have understood why some women take so long to pee. When I go to Severance Hall, where the Cleveland Orchestra plays, therfe's always a mile long line which hardly moves, all women. Fortunately, up in the straosphere, where my seat is, there's a nice little bathroom right outside the door and not too many peoplke seem to know about it. Ya go in, ya do whatever, and ya get the hell outa there. WV - yerrow: what I called the color when I was 3.
Gari in AL said…
Oh, I want to be a member of that civic club!!!
Anonymous said…
During my holiday I had to go at a MC Donalds in Venice. Two floors and a roofterrace and ONE toilet for ladies. After half an hour in line it was either pee in my pants or use the men's. I held my breath (oh the smell...) and used the men's. Your story sounds like a dream. You should have taken pictures!