Peace on Earth Progress

Look what the postal person brought today! It is fabrics to finish the long-neglected BOM set from 2009!

When I subscribed to the BOM, I didn't order the finishing kit. I figured once I had the blocks done, I'd figure out how I wanted to set them and order yardage. Well, was I in for a surprise! I knew exactly how I wanted to set them, and then dear Pam sent me the photograph of her finished quilt and the setting instructions -- and the set was precisely what I had in my brain!

Different fabrics, but the same design.

This is Pam's quilt -- isn't it gorgeous? I'll be using browns where she red and green lattice and border; I'm after a slightly less Christmasy look.

Well, the fabric isn't as readily available as some, and I spent some time Googling around and ended up at Piecework Fabrics. They had a huge selection of Peace on Earth. When I phoned to place my order, the lovely lady there put me down on the counter very gently while she checked each bolt to be sure there was still enough. I was impressed.

And I was impressed again today when the package of fabrics came. Look how nicely they've done them up. Squint a little, the photo glare won't be so obvious. I'll surely shop with these folks again. And perhaps you will want to pay them a visit. No affiliation, yadda yadda, just a super satisfied customer!

This particular post may strike you as a bit disorganized. It does me, too. Oh, well.


Tanya said…
This will be beautiful in soft browns. I've seen or had some of that brown floral before. Just beautiful. I love the secondary stars in the corners of the lattice!
Unknown said…
Just love that diagonal stripe fabric - this will be so pretty
I am sure while I am doing sheep work this weekend you will have this BOM finished..........
oh and Pam's quilt is lovely.........
Lori said…
That is going to be very nice Nancy. Sometimes it is really hard to track down the fabric you know you want to use. I think you were lucky!!