BOM Number Ten (I think)

Last night was my monthly Circle meeting at Church.  This group of women has been together for twenty-five years.  Or so.  We meet monthly, except December, from September through June, and sometime in early August we go out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.  It's become a tradition, but no one knows why it began!  For the past year and a half my attendance at Circle has been more sporadic than during the previous twenty-three years.  And I would like to return to my previous faithful attendance to this group that means quite a bit to me.

Before going out for the evening, I finished the most recent block for the FQ Shop BOM that I subscribed to.  If we're at block ten, we must be nearly finished.  At the time I subscribed to it, I entered a subscription for Sherron.  She was delighted and hurried to the web and ordered a finishing kit for each of us.  I've not had the courage to open that finishing kit yet.  It seemed I should wait until all twelve blocks were in and finished.  But perhaps I should start it sooner than that.

You see, I've subscribed to yet another FQ Shop BOM and that new one will commence the same month that this present one finishes!

So many projects.  So little time.


I'm with you! SO little time! I haven't done my block 10 yet...or started my sashings yet...but I really need to do so soon!
Pat said…
I really love the colors of that block.

So, what's the new BOM?
Catsngrams said…
That is a lovely block. I love the colors. Get togethers are so much fun. I need to find one in my area.