Farmer's Wife and Eggs

Spent a good bit of time this weekend dealing with The Farmer's Wife.  I've made twenty different blocks so far, three each of ten to swap with Cecelia and Sherron, and two each of ten to swap with Pat. 

I also looked over the rest of the blocks and my list of PIP (Projects in Progress) and talked with Joe and made a momentous decision:  We don't need the full 111-block queen-size version of The Farmer's Wife.  There are other options in the back of the book, and the one that I'm going to go with is the lap size version, which calls for 55 blocks.  Once I receive my yield from Pat, Sherron and Cecelia, I'll be just five blocks shy of that number.  So I'm going to set Mrs. Farmer aside until those blocks come in, and think about finishing the project another day.  I'm pleased with most of the blocks that I've made so far.  But I'm eager to return to some of the other things that were in the works before The Farmer's Wife showed up.

Loosely related to The Farmer's Wife are these eggs.  A couple of my coworkers keep chickens in order to get fresh eggs.  They aren't just any ordinary chickens, either.  They are designer chickens.  You can see the biology teacher's chickens here

On Friday, the theatre teacher came into my office bearing gifts.  Her girls were producing fresh eggs more quickly than she could consume them.  So she shared.  Wasn't that nice?  And aren't they gorgeous?  She said that they tasted better than "regular" eggs, too.  She was right.


Catsngrams said…
I love the quilt blocks. What an achievement. Colored eggs? I know about brown eggs but blue? That is just great. I wish we had chickens.
Pat said…
I'm getting a l;ittle Farmered out myself, and I've only done 1 quarter of the blocks you've done. I'm enjoying them because I am piecing a wide variety of blocks & I feel as though I'm learning something. I also found a old add-on EQ6 CD that gives better cutting directions for the pieces, using something more akin to strip piece cutting rather than the templates. I'm just not the template type. I think I'm with you on the lap quilt.

The eggs are beautiful. What a wonderful thing to be gifted with.
Annemiek said…
I think a lapsized Farmer is big enough. I like the pattern a lot but I must agree: too many blocks and too time consuming.
The chickens are really special. My kids call those "punk chicks" :)
Judi said…
Well done, Nancy, for realising that you could quit this project while it is fun, and move on (or back) to more fun stuff!

Of course, I started working smaller....and ended up making Inchies!