Rain Rain Go Away

and come again some other day!

It was raining when I awoke this morning and the intensity quickly increased to torrents.  And around 11:45, just as I was getting ready to press and cut the fabrics for Churn Dash, we lost our electrical power.  Thinking it was going to return quickly, I came upstairs to read by the light of the back window.  Joe said that he'd heard lightning strike at the time the power went out.

Turned out that we were powerless for about five hours or so.  The emergency sump pump kicked in, for which we were thankful, and we both read for a while and thought about a nap.  Then I got out my Farmer's Wife book and started measuring the templates that I'd printed out a couple of weeks ago.  I wrote down the dimensions of all of the templates that could be rotary cut.  With the aid of a candle.  Took quite a while.  Just as I finished, the electrical power returned and I made an Excel spreadsheet showing all of the measurements I came up with.

Many of the blocks can be made without the use of any templates.  There are 35 or so components that don't lend themselves to rotary cutting, so I'll have to get some mylar and make some templates.  That will be a new experience for me.

If you're doing Farmer's Wife and would like a copy of my spreadsheet, let me know, and I'll send it to you as an attachment. Make sure I can access your email address.  I'll do it on Monday after I have a chance to turn my document into a pdf file, in case you have a different version of Excel. 


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I've looked through the book, many times, at my LQS. It's been calling to me... so far I've managed to ignore it. Is this post a sign? Hmmm...
Salem Stitcher said…
Great use of the power outage. I would probably just curled up for a nap.

I'm still resisting the book but getting weaker by the minute!
Pati said…
Since I love historical quilts, I just had to have this book. Connecting Threads will be sending it out tomorrow (hopefully)! I can't wait! You are such a temptress!!! LOL!!!
Char said…
I have the book and I love it. Sad to say it's been put aside, as I have so many other things in front of it!
antique quilter said…
oh I have that book and wanted to make it too!
oh geeesshhhhh do I need to move it up on my list of quilts to make now!
please show your blocks as you make them ok?
I would love the spreadsheet