A Quilting Day

Well, it wasn't exactly like the picture.  Not on that grand of a scale, at least.  But the same spirit was there.

Yesterday Judy, Honna, and Turbo brought their machines to my house and we spent most of the day gathered around my dining table sewing on our respective projects and breaking mid-day for a group effort lunch.  We each got a lot done:  Turbo, of course, worked on multiple projects and dazzled the rest of us with each of them.  Judy was working on her "bordello" quilt and then some baby nine-patches.  Lots of folks would have called it a bargello quilt, but not Judy.  Honna got her Melanie Wilkes all put together -- a mammoth achievement for dear, distractable Honna.  I worked on my indigo and caramel blocks and as of today they are finished except for one lone HST that someone is going to give me a piece of fabric for since I ran out. 

Honna made a spectacularly hearty soup and I made a nice green salad.  Judy brought fresh fruit and Turbo the most scandalous brownies.  So we were well fortified as we proceeded through the day. 

Joe has gone to Richmond to help Tom and Anastasia with a little construction project.  He left on Thursday and will return tomorrow afternoon.  I've stayed busy in his absence, between going to the Lancaster Show on Friday, heading out to see Alice in Wonderland this afternoon, and entertaining my cousins for lunch tomorrow. 

Had a piece of sad news this morning; my long-time cyberbuddy Desertsky lost her dear husband.  Susan was my first machine quilter and she's a lovely lady who was devoted to her hubby. 

Also had a counterbalancing piece of good news in that my friend who broke her hip expects to be discharged from the "geezer place," as she calls it, to her own home early this coming week.  I spoke to Her Feistiness last evening and apart from a lack of appetite, she's good.  That should be resolved once she gets away from institutional food and on to good home cookin'. 

And that's the news from Near Philadelphia, this chilly Palm Sunday.


Karen said…
The Indigo and Caramel block is breathtaking! Can't wait to see the completed quilt.
Pat said…
Did you Wooly Bully?
suz said…
Just got caught up with you. You and your friends always seem to have a great, productive time together. I think every group has a "Turbo"! I had read a couple of other comments about the Lancaster show - apparently not just the attendees had long walks, so did the vendors! Hopefully they will be able to tweak it and have a smooth running show. I haven't been in a few years but one of my bee friends went-we'll get her views next week.
Last, but most certainly no least, thank you for the wonderful update about Elizabeth! There's a lot to be said about a state of mind. My sister was in a serious car accident as a teen & the family was told she have trouble walking. Never happened until recently when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is a family problem and not, I don't think, related to her accident 45 years ago!