Bags for Christmas

I made some big tote bags for Christmas gifts this year, but somehow got them wrapped without taking pictures of them!

Here's one that hasn't been wrapped yet.

There's still time to make one more for a neighbor who has a catering business and has been very generous to us.  She and Blackberry have a special relationship, so I think it would be nice to give her something.


altar ego said…
Very nice. I love the colors against the black. How savvy your friends will look carrying these totes!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lovely bag!

Hi, Blackberry... he's thinking he'd like that big bag filled with treats from Santa for HIM!
Anonymous said…
good idea gift bags, what size? I made stockings big enough to hold gift cards
Micki said…
Beautiful bag...I love the colours against the black background!
Pat said…
Love the Blueberry-colored batiks agains the black. BLACKBERRY!!

innian: opposite of outtian
Denise in PA said…
Nice bag! Anyone who is kind to the doggies deserves a gift! Merry Christmas to you, Joe and Blackberry!