February Fancy Finished

Here's February Fancy, all tied and bound and ready to go.  Andrew and Amy will be here soon, and I'll give this quilt to them to take home with them.  Their friends' little girl is due sometime in February.

I so enjoyed making this quilt, a variation I developed for Second Hand Clothes.

Speaking of which, the squares and strips have been swapped out and I've been making the nine patch blocks as a leader-ender.  This will likely be the first top assembled in 2011.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
That is a lucky little one, I can just imagine a pretty baby girl all wrapped up in that glorious quilt. Well done!
Judi said…
What a gorgeous quilt - no wonder Andrew and Amy snapped it up!
Susan said…
Very beautiful! And such a good photo, but didn't your fingers and toes get a bit cold out there on the deck with these low temperatures we've been having?