UFO Challenge

Another Nancy, who blogs over at Patchwork Penguin, has posted a UFO challenge for 2011.  She's not the only UFO challenger on the block; I've looked over a couple of different ones and decided Nancy's was the one I could handle.

So I've registered.  My next step is to select ten UFOs and number them.    That shouldn't be difficult -- there are plenty to choose from!

I really mean to stay on track and focused with my quilting in 2011.  I've decided to make some Christmas gifts for next year, and while I won't likely be showing pictures of them until about a year from today, I want to make a list of those, too.  The UFO list will show up in the sidebar at some point.  The other one will be on my bulletin board.

I'm grateful to Nancy for coming up with this plan.  Stay tuned for The List!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
This challenge scares me; but in a good way. It's the going public part that strikes fear in my heart and yet it could spur me on too. Salem Stitcher led a similar challenge within our Guild a few years back and I went down in flames. (Not a blaze of glory!)
Juliann said…
Life is challenging enough for me so I won't be signing up for any official challenges but I will keep an eye on your progress! enJOY and Happy New Year.
floribunda said…
yup -- I'm in Nancy's challenge for another year, too. I finished 9 out of 10 last year -- so obviously it works for me!
Anonymous said…
I entered my first challenge as a novice last year. While in AZ for the winter I joined a quilt club (33 of us) that have been given a quilting rm. in a clubhouse. I received my piece of material and instructions when I left in April and it must be returned in Jan. when I return. The judging of the blocks will take place the 1st wk. in Feb. and the winner gets all the blocks to make a quilt. I have no chance of winning but it has been fun and I will try to remember to get pictures. Mat'l is 30's & 40's and Nancy helped me decide what to make the block. Will keep you posted. Happy New Year to all. The CA cuz