An Unexpected Gift

It is the time of year for thicker envelopes and for parcels to come in the mail.  Such a nice change from the standard bills and circulars!

This week the postman brought me a squishie with an unfamiliar return address.  I opened it up and inside was this beautiful Christmas candle, made as a gift for me by Deb A, a visitor to my blog.  It is just perfect in the center of my circular coffee table.

What a lovely thing for Deb to do!


What a delightful and thoughtful gift from Deb. Your blog entertains and entrances--lovely !~!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lovely, indeed! You mean so much to so many.
altar ego said…
Don't you love surprises? And belated congratulations to you on your entrance to the guild!
cute........lucky you.......have a very merry Christmas