While I Was Gone

...I coughed a lot.  I blew my nose a lot.  I continue to do both of those things.  A lot.  If you've read this blog for a while, you know that each winter I succumb to a head/chest cold that morphs into something evil.  Today marks three weeks and two days since onset.  Earlier in the week I had thought the end was in sight; Thursday, all symptoms returned.  With a vengeance.  Monday, I'm off to the doctor.  Prolly I should have gone yesterday.

Each year I give up a lot for this illness.  This time it included a two-day professional meeting that I'd really looked forward to, my older grandchildren's winter program, a trip to visit a grandbaby, and a dinner party.  Enough with this.

...I sewed.  Not a lot.  But some.  Right now I'm making some wonderful things that I can't share at present.  Because they are Christmas gifts.  As if you didn't guess that.  I did finish February Fancy and will try to get a photo of it this weekend.

...I watched videos.  Joe and I are presently engrossed in a series we're renting from Netflix, "The House of Eliott," a British series that Bonnie recommended sometime ago.  It is very engrossing.

...I read Corrections by Franzen and wished I'd not wasted my time.  I read Follett's Fall of Giants and liked it.  But it was so huge it tired my hands!

...I spent a lot of time pondering a relationship that was in trouble, ultimately deciding that it really wasn't worth holding onto.  I might write more about this in time because I learned a lot, both about the former friend and about myself and how I respond to mistreatment.

...Sadly, I learned that a very old friend, a wonderful woman I've known since the junior high school library club, was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer.  This news hit very hard.  There's such a stigma that comes with that disease, that somehow smokers who develop it really don't warrant a lot of sympathy.  I don't think my friend was a smoker; even if she had been, that wouldn't diminish the ache I feel for her.  She was living far away and has returned to Near Philadelphia this week.  I am eager to reconnect and try to give her some support.

...On the heels of that news, a newer friend, one I seldom see but hold dear was discovered to have a malignant colon tumor; she is undergoing treatment and while no real prognosis has been shared, I'm feeling optimistic.  I pretty much have to, in light of the other sick friend.

...I rediscovered matryoshkas and am smitten with them.  I even bought some for someone for Christmas!


QuiltingFitzy said…
Nancy, good thing we aren't given more than we can bear, you certainly have your plate full. Thinking of you.

Work on getting your health back! Desert life has taken away lots of my ills, I feel very fortunate to not experience the yearly bronchitis/pneumonia malady as I did before.

I always watch your reading list, I'll close out the year with "The Perfect Peace" by Daniel Brown. I have waited for this book at the library forever!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear of your friends' illnesses. I hope that the doctor will be able to help you with your illness. Take care. Thanks for sharing.
Quiltdivajulie said…
The dreaded "c" disease is everywhere - wreaking havoc on so many families . . .

Glad you are taking time to let yourself work through your own 'crud' ... also glad you are keeping your doc in the loop.

Thinking of you and all you are coping with ...
Ray said…
Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

You *need* a Kindle. I fought buying one for a long time, and now I wonder why I waited so long -- no more heavy books!!
Pamela Kieffer said…
Nancy, I have a daughter who never gets over the cough from a cold until spring.
I have just finished sewing 3 sets of (7 packed together) matroykaoshkas. If I was closer to Philadelphia I would love to share the patterns and instructions.
My son gave me a book at Thanksgiving that I thoroughly enjoyed called the Outlivers. It made me look at people a whole new way.
Unknown said…
I'm a big Ken Follett fan and am looking forward to reading his new one too but have made the conscious decision to wait until it comes out in paperback to save my weary old hands - just can't manage large hardbacks any more - hope you get something sorted for your chest Nancy - winter ailments make you feel so low and seem to take so much longer to clear xxx
Judi said…
Oh Nancy, every year I seem to hold my breath, hoping that you won't suffer health problems thorugh the winter, and I'm so sorry to hear that your bronchitus is hitting hard.

I'm sorry, too, to hear about the health issues of your friends, and hope they have good news soon.

Your ponderings on a friendship struck a chord. If you can, I'd really appreciate your thoughts - which will probably spark off mine.

Take good care of yourself.

hope your feeling better...........take it easy.........I know you are sick of yourself being sick........
I'm so glad that someone besides me fouind "The Corrections" underwhelming. It's got a shelf life of about 3 years and he's a arrogant jerk anyway.
Anonymous said…
Nancy, since I think I might be your newer friend that just went through surgery for colon cancer, I know I am in God's awesome hands, as I havebeen told that I don't need chemo or radiation at this time!

Thanks for your prayers!