SSCS Received

The postal person delivered a puffy package day before yesterday.  From AUSTRALIA, no less!  It was my Secret Santa Christmas Swap from an as yet unknown friend.  I opened the package to find two things inside.  One was my surprise gift, to be placed under the tree until Christmas morning.  The other was a tree ornament, to be opened right away and placed on the tree.

Would you look at this darling Santa?  I used to do some counted cross-stitch, about a hundred years ago, so I have some idea of how much work went into it and how long it took this lady to make it.  What I've no clue about is how she got it mounted on some sort of stiff stuff so that it would hang nicely from the tree.  I'm SO pleased with it, and am eager for the grandchildren to see it.

Meanwhile, the gift package waits.  I'm trying to be obedient and let it wait.  So far, so good.  But it's only been two days . . . .

Thank you so much, dear Carol!


Unknown said…
Be strong Nancy - get your hubby to hide it if necessary - I didn't sign up for this swap this year - time just whizzed past and I forgot but I have a made and a purchased present from a UK swap sitting smiling at me from under the tv cabinet (their temporary home until the tree goes up)
what a gorgeous cross stitch ornie.........Carol did a lovely job...............put that present in a safe spot so you don't open it.........not long now til Christmas and I am sure you can "suffer" for that long......
The Patch Craft said…
Glad you liked your santa. Looking forward to becoming friends
Judi said…
Don't you just LOVE secret Santa gifts from quilters?

Like Anne, I have two packages from a BQL swap looking very enticing, and I have another one to look forward to, when a few friends meet up for lunch on Friday.

The cross-stitched santa is just lovely - what a thoughtful ting to include!