My Ten UFOs

Okay, so there I was, down in the studio, taking a break from assembling some on-point blocks with lattice and cornerstones (and if you know me, you know how many breaks I need on this type of a project), and trying to figure out which of my myriad UFOs would be the ten I would register for the Challenge, and what comes on the radio but Ravel's Bolero!  Comical timing, I thought.

So here are the projects I'm committing to tackling in 2011.  My understanding is that our leader will pick a number each month and that will be what we endeavor to complete.  My own interpretation of the challenge will be that anything that is a finished flimsy or nearly finished flimsy must get quilted and bound to be considered complete.  Anything that is just blocks will be considered "complete" if it gets to full flimsy stage.  Going beyond that would be optional.  It looks as though I have pictures of eight of the ten.

1.  Itsy Bitsy.  This sweet quilt is 4-1/2" blocks made from 30s repros on WOW.  The blocks were made in partnership with my Sistah Jan, who used to blog.  This top is nearly assembled, lacking only the corner triangles and a border or two.  So "complete" for this will be flimsied, quilted, and bound.

2.  French Provincial Squares.  This is a full flimsy that needs backing pieced, quilting or tying, and binding.

3.  Indigo and Caramel Baskets.  Needs borders, quilting, binding.  Possibly piping before the binding?

4.  Cinnamon Latte.  Needs corner triangles and possibly borders, then quilting and binding.

5.  Three Sisters.  Ready for quilting and binding.  I think.

6.  Bill's Baskets.  May be ready for quilting and binding.  Not certain.

7.  30s Baby quilt.  May be ready for quilting and binding; again, not certain.

8.  Neapolitan.  Ready to quilt and bind.

9.  Almost Amish.  These blocks have been hanging around for nine or ten years already.  Time to make something out of them.

10.  Platypuses.  A few blocks made.  Many more to go.

Okay, Miss Nancy.  I'm ready when you are!


Nancy said…
You have done well young grasshopper.... now, for January work on #3... and your interpretation of finished is just okey dokey :o)

have fun!!!
Awesome list. Looking forward to your finishes.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You did it. You posted your list.

Oh, the pressure...
Pat said…
For #3, there is a way to incorporate piping into your binding. It's a very cool effect. I can help if you like.
Shasta Matova said…
It sounds like a great plan. I wish you much success, and look forward to seeing your finishes.