Are they not just precious and adorable? Their names are Silly Little Bird and Blue Bird of Happiness. I had seen them on Pinterest and was enchanted. Since I can't crochet or knit, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to do a trade, and my friend Blogless Ray in California was up for it. She made them out of yarn that she already had.

In exchange, Ray wanted a mug rug. Which I made. And which I will be mailing to her later today.

SLB and BBoH presently hang in the window of our  morning room. I don't know if that is a permanent location or now. But they brighten my morning. Daily.

Thank you, Ray!


Synthia said…
How clever of you to make a trade! The birds are so cute. Wish they were mine and you had something better! (That's how I get around "you shall not covet")
Janet O. said…
Oh, too cute! Glad you were able to make the deal so they could live at your home.
(I use my mug rug constantly--it sits by my computer!)
*karendianne. said…
That was smart. They are too cute!
Judi said…
I have a british bird hanging in my sitting room, not getting too comfortable because it will be coming with me to your house next month!
Ray said…
Oh, you are so welcome. :-) They really are silly little things that are super fun to make!