Shape Workshop for Quilters: A Review

I've waited a long time for this book to come. I preordered it from Amazon when I first heard it was being published. Written by Katy Jones, Brioni Greenberg, Tacha Bruecher and John Q. Adams, the brains and energy behind the ezine and website Fat Quarterly, it arrived early this week, and I keep picking it up and picking it up.

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to review this book. I was not given a free copy. I am not being compensated in any way for writing about this book.

The strength of the book is in the design. It is divided into a half-dozen chapters, each featuring blocks and projects around a particular shape: squares/rectangles, circles, triangles, stars, polygons, and diamonds. Here's what is cool: Each chapter's graphics are done in a different color. And the fabrics used in that chapter match the graphics. For example, the triangles chapter is a kind of poison green, and the fabrics used in the blocks for that chapter are a variety of poison greens. I love this attention to detail.

The instructions for the blocks are clear and understandable. The blocks themselves (60 of them) vary in difficulty and familiarity. Some are apparently original creations by the authors. Many, however, are old familiar blocks: For example Owl in the Corner is simply the old Pussy in the Corner made from fabric featuring owls. And their Star Within a Star is our old favorite, Rising Star. All of the blocks are 12" finished.

Each chapter features a couple of projects, with yardage provided and very clear directions (at least they appear to be clear -- I haven't really tried following them yet). And the projects are nice, crisp looking and contemporary. In fact, all of the fabrics used in the book are contemporary. And gorgeous. There are templates in the back for projects that need them, and quilting basics instructions also in the back. And the covers of the book are made with folded-in placemarkers.

There's one quilt that I'm very, very eager to make. It is called Fast Forward/Rewind and is too new for any images to be googleable. So I suppose you must wait until I make it and photograph it. Or you could buy the book -- it is fairly priced at $14.48 through Amazon. It isn't mostly new things, but it is some new things and many old things considered in a new way. I'm happy that I bought it.


Bobbi said…
Hope you will have it this weekend, I'd love to look at it.
Salem Stitcher said…
Oh, I think I need to order that right now!

Have fun at retreat!
Janet O. said…
So here you go tempting me when I have resolved not to buy any new books (at least for a few months). : )
I'm with Bobbi! I would love to see the book...(Who am I kidding? I will just trust your review and order it from Amazon!)
Gretchen said…
Thanks for the review Nancy. I value your opinion & will order post haste.
Sherry said…
The issue that I have with the book is that the templates in the pattern area need to be enlarged. . .which means an extra cost since I would have to go to Staples, Best Buy or some other type of store with the ability to print on larger paper.
antique quilter said…
thanks for the review always happy to know about a book from a fellow quilter before I buy it! enjoy your weekend
Bobbi said…
This is a Really Nice Book.