Gotta Get Nominated!

When I was a teenager, my mother had a job as secretary to the maintenance department in our local hospital. She spent her day among the various specialists who kept the place running: not the cardiologist or the pulmonologist, but the carpenter, the electrician, the plumber. And it was a busy place. One of her "guys" was a wizard at carpentry and a terrific person. Tommy lacked any kind of formal education but adored long words and it was more important to him to be throwing them into the mix from time to time than it was to learn their meanings. His most famous expression was "All right, you guys, let's get nominated!" Clearly he was seeking organization, and nominated seemed to fill the need. Everyone understood what he meant, and the phrase entered the family vocabulary. More than fifty years later, my sister and I will speak of needing to get nominated.

Which is what I need to do today. My sewing space is so cluttered that I can't even move around in it, let alone do any meaningful cutting or stitching. The cutting table is piled with remnants of recent clothing construction, bindings, and god-alone-knows-what-else. Mixed in are some of the shirts that need ironing. The sewing table isn't much better. And then there is the floor, about which the less said the better.

Yesterday I had grand plans of "doing responsible things." I planned three hours nominating the studio. What I did, actually, was get my hair cut, sew on some crumb blocks, accompany DH to the farmers' market, visit the grand opening of the new quilt shop, play some on-line Scrabble, and get ready to go out to dinner with friends.

So today's the day. And it's not going to be easy. After church, we have to stop at the grocery store and then have some lunch. Family coming for dinner at 4:30. That will leave me about two hours of expendable time that I must spend down under. Or I'll hate myself in the morning.

Think it will happen?

PS: The photo above isn't mine. It was lifted from this blog. Which is a mighty fine blog. I can't do what Ann Brauer can do. But I certainly am filled with admiration!


I am thinking you might be hating yourself tomorrow morning! :) I know exactly how you feel. I keep thinking I am going to get my space organized and was going to do it yesterday but I got distracted by a stack of charm packs and a new quilt book...and then lunch seemed really important...and then I touched a piece of home dec fabric and decided I needed to make a tote bag. I am thinking that I will also not accomplish anything important today!
sharon said…
Good luck, I feel like I am drowning in supplies....time to hoe out as my Mom says!
Ray said…
Good Luck!! It can be a pain to do, but make it fun and pet your fabrics. :-) Yep, I've been called Pollyanna before.
Salem Stitcher said…
I need to get nominated myself but I just can't stop sewing!

Good luck!
Janet O. said…
From the post title I thought maybe there was an award you were campaigning to receive. : )
Okay, how much nominating actually took place? Come clean! Or tell us if you got clean!
Tanya said…
Why is it that cutting tables seem to end up looking like that? Mine too. I tell myself to clean up after each project but there are always scraps of fabric and auditioned stuff. I remember what my kids used to tell me.
"Mom, I don't know HOW that stuff got there. I just cleaned my room!"