Guild Challenge Project

Well, I worked almost all of Sunday on the guild challenge piece and it has reached flimsy status. All I need to do is even the sides and then make the sandwich and quilt it. It is due in October. I started early because, as I said previously, I don't care for the fabrics (either the color or the feel of them) and wanted to get it done and not have it hanging over me all summer.

The rules for the challenge were to make a wall hanging no smaller than 12" on the shortest side and no larger than 36" on the longest side. This finishes at about 30" per side. Each person brought a paper bag with scraps from one project. We were permitted to add one dark and one light if we wished. I added the creamy fabric for the side triangles and the brown used in the large pinwheels. All four blocks came from Piecemeal's basket project.

I'm relieve to have it this far along. I'll start hand quilting it later this month.


Amy said…
You made silk out of a snow's ear! Way to go!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'd say you rose, splendidly, to the challenge! Well done.
Janet O. said…
Regardless of how much you may not like the fabrics, I LOVE the results of your handiwork. This is beautiful, Nancy!
You are wise to have jumped in and made it. It is so easy to postpone an unpleasant task and be haunted by it until crunch time.
Again--an excellent job!
Ray said…
I, too, think that the final results are just lovely. Thanks for the link to the Piecemeal blog!!