Pins and Needles

We're on pins and needles here, Near Philadelphia. Grandbaby Number Five, "Cinco," is due in four short days, and neither Joe nor I want to get very far away from our phones. Truth be told, I was hoping that baby would arrive over the weekend, in the middle of the night perhaps, and I would go out into the upstairs hall at White Oak at 3 a.m. and holler (a) "It's a girl!" or (b) "It's a boy!" Honna said she was sure people would forgive me. But I didn't get to find out . . . .

We'll be traveling to Richmond to meet this new little person soon after the arrival, and I have been busy binding Row, Row, Row Your Boat after getting it back from the machinist late last week. The quilting -- a sailboat and waves motif -- is spectacular. It will be fun to give it to Nate for his new big boy bed.

Last week I also bound Grandmother Morris. A Circle sister from church has been in hospital for two weeks and I know that after heart surgery, people are usually put on blood thinners and they are chilly much of the time. I thought Joan would like some Circle sister love to help her stay warm when she comes home. I'm just waiting to hear when.

Photos of both before long . . . .


Janet O. said…
Oh, I hope all goes well for the birth of "Cinco"!
That is a very thoughtful gesture with Grandmother Morris! I love that quilt!!
Our first grand baby is due end of May...we are so excited. I have a bag packed already!