In the early part of last winter, we swapped four patches and HSTs made from CW blues, browns, and shirtings. Oh, the variety that came in was just marvelous! We were initially working from a pattern we'd seen that used the layout in the small center block. Then it occurred to me that these elements can got together in a bunch of different ways. There are a couple more in my head that aren't on the wall.

So with the guild challenge in flimsy form and off my wall, tonight I began trimming the HSTs and pressing the units and playing around with layouts.  And now I'm more uncertain than ever! I think I'm leaning towards the small block on the right. Anyone out there have a strong preference that she wants to share?

I've had this little graphic on my desktop for a few weeks just because I like it. Tonight I thought it warranted wider distribution. I spend most of my waking hours working in a place where difference is celebrated, not feared. Gay and straight kids alike observe the annual Day of Silence. We gather weekly in the Meeting House for Meeting for Worship and I understand that this week everyone who is so moved will be wearing a hoodie. I'm so proud of the place I work, that this is not only permitted, but encouraged.

I wish that everyone had the opportunity to explore difference in a healthy way, to respect and not recoil. Our littlest kids know how to sing "This Little Light of Mine" and it occurs to me that if we expect our students to take what they've learned out into the world to begin to make a difference, then this blog is where my little light can be seen. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


Bobbi said…
I love that place of yours and am so grateful my daughter was able to be there.
I have my week's Hoodies all picked out and freshly laundered--ready to go in a way they have not been before.
Janet O. said…
Blue and brown is my favorite CW combination. Those blocks will make a great quilt however you decide to put them together.
Your little light does shine, Nancy. : )
Salem Stitcher said…
I like the little one on the right and the big one. Now I want to get mine out and play with them!

Yes, your little light does shine and best of all, ignites others to shine too!
Candace said…
Go bold, go big, Nancy! I love the large block - and CW blues and browns are wonderful! Your graphic says it all and the way I've always lived my life. I don't know what this place is you refer to, but more power to you!