Y'know, I'm having a serious moo here. And it's about Blogger.  Remember the Good Old Days when Word Verification was a high adventure? We'd get a neatly typed word such as FALSTACHE and know immediately that it had to do with artificial ornamental facial hair, and we'd smile as we typed carefully FALSTACHE. Nowadays, Blogger has designed the word to be reproduced with the letters intertwined, even superimposed on each other, and includes a blur factor. And a number to reproduce as well. And the word almost never is anything we can chuckle over. The procedure for leaving a comment has become so complicated that some people simply don't.

In an effort to prevent my readers/commenters from experiencing blinding eyestrain, I tried eliminating the Word Verification. That yielded me lots and lots of really stupid spam. So I tried the option of only "registered users," whatever that may be. That produced complaints from commenters who were rejected from commenting. Another option is users with Google accounts, which is what I think is behind the whole thing -- Google wants everyone to have a Google account and supposedly then everyone could comment without word verification. Which would take us back to the dratted spammers.

I'm back to a setting that Anyone can comment, but must use Word Verification. I wish it weren't so.