Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here!

Some months ago, Lynn did a series of posts on her blog under the label "An Extravagant Welcome." She was creating a wonderful, wonderful quilt made up of boys and girls with outstretched arms. Very generously, she shared detailed instructions for making basic boys and generic girls, and then included some hints on variations. I was smitten and convinced that this project should be the next undertaking for my little on-line swap group.

Seven of us participated, making seven each of ten different people, approximately half of them boys and the other half girls. We got elegantly dressed gals, farmer types, one green-complected witch, an Asian girl in kimono, Olympic athletes, several people who obviously had been in the sun too long, and some with little add-ons either stitched in place or sent along for the recipient to add.

I've been wanting to share them, but until last night my design wall was occupied. Here they are, in all of their resplendent glory!

I'm planning to set mine with lattice and cornerstones, into a twin-size quilt for when Aberdeen outgrows her crib and is ready for a big girl bed. I have some time. I haven't mapped out the design yet, and I may need to make more. If that is the case, I'd be up for another little swap!


Synthia said…
What a spectacular display!!! I just love it love, love it. What a treasure it will be for your granddaughter.
Janet O. said…
I enlarged for a good look. I loved seeing what you made when you were doing yours--you had some extremely clever ones. This would be such a fun quilt for a child--making up stories about the people, where they are from and what they do.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
What terrific blocks, what a wonderful quilt-to-be!
Barbara Anne said…
What a joy-joy quilt this will be for Aberdeen! Will you use multicolored sashing or wait to find out what Aberdeen's favorite color will be before you sash it?

I'm going to enlarge the photo now!

Greta said…
I totally love it, and have never seen this idea before.
Tanya said…
What a fun, fantastic quilt! Were the generic children difficult to make? This would be a great kindergarten quilt.... Hmmm.