This and That

Oh, dear me, would you take a look at this photo! I lifted it without permission from this blog, a place I just discovered today and a place I'll return to again and again! I pasted the photo on little Turbo's Facebook page (y'know, the gal really oughta get a blog -- and an etsy shop -- she is a very prolific quilter and could be selling her wares easily. Turbo, I mean, not Faith from Fresh Lemons). Anyway, I suspect that by the next time I see the Turbster, she'll have made her own equally gorgeous version of Faith's quilt. But she prolly won't give it to me.

Here's another blog I just discovered, and I wish you'd go and read the "Fabric for Marketing" post that she's got up. She asks some terrific questions. Oh, and be sure to read the multitude of comments, too.

Right now I'm sort of quietly mooing about book tours. You know, where someone has written a book and persuaded a group of bloggers to promote it for her. And for two weeks or so, you see the same picture of the book with the same list of promotional bloggers, until you begin to think you'll gag if anyone happens to present you with said book. I get it that books need to be marketed, and quilting bloggers are fair game for same. But still. Oh, moo.

Even as I moo, I'm conscious that someone recently asked me to test a pattern for her with the promise to give me a copy to give away on my blog. Not sure when this is going to happen, but trust me, it is not going to become a habit of mine. And I'm hoping she doesn't ask me to post a list of other places you can go to see the same pattern!

While I'm mooing, if you are wanting to have a give-away on your blog (and I really, really hope that you are, especially if you pick me!), just do it. Don't make me jump through hoops (as in, earn another chance by reposting about it on my blog, and another chance by tweeting about it [I don't tweet], and still another chance by posting a picture of your blog on Facebook). No, thank you. I'll leave a comment, and I'll try my best to make it a clever one. But that's all.

Enough with the moo. On a much brighter note, Lori, who write a fine blog and is someone I count as a friend and who I've actually had lunch with one time when she came to Lancaster County, has been known to host sweet little Quilt Alongs. A couple of times I've come precipitously close to joining in, and this time I'm actually doing it! Look at this project she's leading and see if you can resist! I'm using purple for my accent squares, so my results will vary, but I'm already up-to-date on the two steps she's posted. At this point, I truly must give credit to Janet as enabler par none! Janet is a sweetheart, and I wish she lived down the block. But prolly it is good that she doesn't, because I'd be running down there all the time and never getting a thing done.

Speaking of getting a thing done, I'm just itching for the weekend because it is a three-day variety for me. And I'm not going away anywhere. A movie with my Sweetie and a lunch with Honna are on the schedule and nothing more! I've made a list of six sewing projects I want to work on, some of which are not Christmas secrets. And I'm hoping Mike F will put in an appearance to keep me on task.

Oh, and I'm so looking forward to our autumnal White Oak getaway which is in 22 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes and 14 seconds!

That's it for now.


Janet O. said…
I love the 'moo", Nancy. I agree wholeheartedly! And I am planning a giveaway soon--sans hoops. I learned that from you!
Where are the pictures of your 4-patches for Lori's SAL? My mouth is watering while I wait to see it with purple stepping stones.
Hey, I am happy to enable--I mean encourage, any time I can. : )
I may not live down the street, but Someday, we HAVE to meet!
Char said…
Moo, I totally agree, if I have to do anything other than comment most times I'm moving on.
Thanks so much for the heads up on the Quilt Along. That's my kind of quilt.
OMG you are in a cranky cow mood.........I'm with you on the blog over them........see the same post going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..........oh you get the drift.......MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Oh and can you get rid of the stupid word't read the nhumbers or the letters properly........
Lori said…
You are silly!!
I'm looking forward to seeing your mountain trail with purple steps!!
Barbara Anne said…
Cute starry quilt!

I'm with you on having to have a blog, tweet, or be on Facebook to qualify to enter a gift drawing. I mean, REALLY???

The blog/book promotions are fun for about two days and then it's a chore. Perhaps I'm not visiting the right blogs, but these seem to have gone away where I visit.

Moo as needed!

Quiltdivajulie said…

Enjoy your three-day "getaway" -- happy stitching!!!!!!!