Out and About

Joe and I have spent some time on I-95 recently. During two of the past three weekends, we traveled south to visit family.

Tom and Anastasia have found and joined a wonderful church in Richmond, and recently invited us to come visit because Nate and Aberdeen were to be baptized.

We left home in the afternoon that Friday and arrived after dinner. On Saturday Joe helped Tom with some house projects while Anastasia and I entertained the children.

The church is beautiful. The baptism went without a problem, and much too soon we were back on I-95 heading toward home. It is always hard to leave these people; this time, we were cheered by knowing that they will be coming up to spend Thanksgiving with us!
Over the past weekend, we went to Alexandria. We left home in time to be in Chestertown, Maryland, at dinner time. We had a gift certificate for a restaurant that we like a whole lot, and decided to break up our trip with a stop there. By the time we were back on the highway, the traffic had diminished some.

We got to Andrew and Amy's close to our bedtime. Saturday was a full and busy day, with the zoo in the morning and the park in the afternoon and a yummy lunch and generous nap in between. 

Joe and Andrew ran out to pick up a mattress -- Eli is moving into a big boy bed soon; his crib is going to be needed for another occupant in December. Sunday morning we played at home, and when it was once again naptime, we left Alexandria, stopping at a farm stand that we like in Middletown, Delaware, on the way home.

On the weekend in between, Sherry, Chris, et al. came to dinner (no photos available!). Chris has recently introduced us to a terrific new board game that is also available electronically for the iPad. Chris, Sam, and Sherry's two aunts played on Friday night, and we were astounded at Sam's grasp of geography and ability to read the board upsidedown!

The coming weekend holds an extra day for me, and I'm hoping to change the closets, do a wee bit of organizing, and then settle in for some serious sewing!


Janet O. said…
Ah, Nancy, good times with family. Nothing better!
As to that board game--we have played it for a few years and a couple of years ago we got the TTR card game. We find it just as fun when we don't want to mess with a board and all the parts. Just so you know. : )
Barbara Anne said…
Ah, what joy to be with beloved family members who, happily, aren't too far away for quick visits.

How exciting to anticipate the blessing of a new little someone who will soon join your family!! Is a quilt for him or her in progress? How about a larger quilt for Eli's big boy bed??!

Did you get my recent emails? I hope for your reply to my query. Yea or nay is okay.

LizA. said…
Busy, busy, busy. Thanx for the tip on the game. My Dad is a HUGE train fan and this might just be the ticket to getting him involved when we are all there to visit.
Anonymous said…
How wonderful to have so many great times with grandchildren, and a new one coming, too!
We too spend a lot of time on the road to visit the 'kids'. It's an eight hour road trip just to get there but well worth the grand baby hugs once we do.
Anonymous said…
Serious Sewing...yes I hope for that too. I'll wish it to contain some whimsey though, also.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I didn't know about this board game, will definitely check it out. I love seeing the photo from the Baptism, I hope to visit that church one day~
Serious Sewing is something I aspire to.