All Over the Map

My friend Blogless Bobbi is fond of saying that my quilting is all over the map.

Last week I signed up for a CW doll quilt swap and a Kaffe Collective 12" block swap.

I think Bobbi's right.

The doll quilt is basted and being hand quilted in front of the television. Wednesday I started on the Kaffe blocks and today I made some more. The sign-up for the swap hasn't closed yet and as of today I believe there are nineteen participants. That is gonna be one huge load of glorious colorful blocks!

I have odds and ends of Kaffe/Phillip/Brandon in a bin downstairs. And on Wednesday I ordered a stack of shot cotton FQs for this project.

I am having fun.


Barbara Anne said…
Cute, wonderfully colorful blocks!! What size are they since they're for a doll quilt? Will participants in the challenge keep their own doll quilt or will they be donated to some group?

If you can believe it, I have no Kaffe fabrics. Go figure.

Glad to hear you're having fun with this project. Fun is what it's all about!

Barbara Anne said…
Okay, I've had no coffee yet, so that's my excuse for asking block size. Somehow I imagined the blocks would be very small instead of 12".

Please excuse the unnecessary question!

AnnieO said…
I joined the doll quilt swap too! But you're further along than I--sashing and basting on my tasks today. The Kaffe blocks are pretty!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Honestly - isn't quoting supposed to be FUN? Eclectic is the word I use to describe my approach.
audrey said…
I think it just makes things more interesting! Each project seems to add to the next one and make us think 'outside the box' a little more! Love following along with your quilty adventures.:)
LizA. said…
All over the map is right! At least nobody can say your quilting is boring. Love these bright pinwheels -- I really should start collecting some Kaffe fabrics.....
Wow, the difference in you and your posting since you started the new and correct job is like night and day. As I suspect you are feeling... So happy for you, Nancy, that you are where you belong in the world. It truly is the best feeling ever !~!