Spring is Sprung

When I was little, around this time of year, when the daffodil buds were visible, and the hyacinth shoots were beginning to appear, my mother used to say,

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
The birdies is

I've no idea whether this was original work on her part, or a well-known rhyme.

I picked up three quilts from the machinist earlier in the week and two of them are bound and shown here. The Louisiana block quilt is for a new little boy and reminds me of the "bluebells" or "grape hyacinths" I used to pick at the end of April when spring really had sprung.

This second quilt has the colors of all of the spring bulbs: the bluebells, the daffodils and the tulips. The blocks are all from the Tula Pink book and the fabrics are mostly from a batik scrap bag that I bought from a vendor at last autumn's quilt show. I had a wonderful time piecing these blocks and arranging them, and am delighted with how it has turned out.

I've mentioned that the church where I work on weekday mornings rents its church school wing to a small school for autistic children. The school is having a major fund-raiser in about a month, and I told the director I would donate a baby quilt for their tombola table. Last time I counted, four of their teachers were expecting, so I think this quilt will find a good home and raise a little money for this wonderful school.

I hope to get the binding on the last quilt over the weekend.

And as for where the birdies is, all seven of our birdhouses are occupied and nest construction has ensued.


Marge said…
Nancy, my mother said the same little rhyme. We are Canadians in the pacific southwest and her family comes from England. The poem does get around. Love you blog, thank you for sharing.
Quiltdivajulie said…
We chanted it in Michigan, too --

LOVELY quilts!!
howdidIgethere said…
I heard the poem with a Brooklyn accent: "Spring is sprung, da grass is riz. I wonder where dem boidies is." Odd since I lived even farther from Brooklyn than you did!

I love, love, LOVE ADORE that white and batik quilt and hope they make a bundle on it!
suzan almond said…
I grew up here in Bedfodshire in England hearing that exact same rhyme!!!!!
AnnieO said…
Beautiful quilts! APQ mag had an interview feature with Tula Pink and I loved her modern take on traditional designs. Good luck to the bidders!
Anonymous said…
It's so nice to know someone who uses words like "ensued." =) Love your quilts. One of my hyacinths is blooming, but it's pink! I was playing with all the blocks in the bag you sent, and there are so many wonderful quilts to be made from them. Thanks to you and your friends again. This will be fun!
Char said…
Great quilts! Love all that color in the second one. We have 3 small houses so we usually have Wrens and although I heard one singing last week no nests are being made yet.
Synthia said…
I remember your mother's 'ditty' as Burma Shave signs: " Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, where last year's reckless driver is". Actually, I like your mother's version better. (smile) Love both your quilts. My favorite is the batik.
Barbara Anne said…
What glorious quilts you've made!!!! Have you surprised yourself with how wonderful each one is?

The recipients of each quilt will indeed be delighted. Rainbow quilts are always my favorites.

In the neighborhood of Memphis, TN where I grew up, the rhyme was the same as your mother's except the last line of ours was:
"I wonder where them robins is?"

LizA. said…
We grew up with that little rhyme too. Lovely little quilts....the rainbow Tula just makes my heart sing.
suz said…
Love both quilts - wonderful work. I remember that poem as well - my Mom was Irish, so it might be and English/Irish thing.