Baby Girl Quilt, Tied and Bound

I mentioned earlier that the neighbor's fourth child is due before this month is out. I finished binding the girl version the other night and am happy with how it turned out.

Joe suggested not trimming the ties but to leave them flowy. I wasn't sure about that, but when I consulted with the Uvulati, they were in agreement, so flowy ties it is.

The boy version is being bound and will in all likelihood be finished for show and tell tomorrow.

The rest of the household is just as industrious, although it doesn't really appear that way.


Quayquilter said…
It looks good - I like to recognise people and places and the dog in your pictures. Blackberry is looking very grown up but not too grown up sit on somebody's knee! Mary
Janet O. said…
What a fun, whimsical pattern--flowy ties and all!
Karla said…
Love the flowy ties, really goes well with the movement of the quilt.
Anonymous said…
Our springer thinks he is a lap dog, too. Somehow I have no desire to make him think otherwise.

Beautiful quilt and I think the baby will find the ties fascinating as he/she grows older.

Barbara Anne said…
Love the pattern and applaud your industry - as well as Joe's and your sweet dog's industry, too!

Some little girl will love this quilt whether it's daugther #4 for your neighbor or some other little darling!

LizA. said…
What a fun quilt and I'll bet it was all from scraps. As for the guy and his come it looks like they both have the same expression on their faces? Tell them not to worry, Mr. Arlo, our spotted wonder thinks he's a lap dog and he weighs in at 62 lbs.
Char said…
Great quilt. I like the flowing ties idea.