Shopping and Cats

A couple of people seemed to think I was holding back by not posting pictures of my spoils from the Lancaster Show on Friday! Honest, I wasn't trying to hide anything.

So, by popular demand: On the left are the F8s I bought from the Procion booth; they feel soft and smooth to the touch and the colors are intense. On the right are the hand-dyes I bought from the African booth. The fabric has a coarser feel to it -- and I don't mean that in an unkind way at all! It is just different, and I like it. Prolly will fondle all of these goodies for a long time before cutting. In the foreground is my little ruler holder.The ruler in the back measures 12" and the greenish one 6", so you can get an idea how perfect the size of it is.

And here's my progress on those crazy primitive cats. Blocks 1, 2 and 3 complete. Block 4 is on the handwork pile for evening buttonhole stitch and embroidery. Blocks 5 and 6 are the ones I need fabric for. Block 7 is moving along toward the handwork pile, i.e., the background is pieced and the body parts cut out. But there is embroidery to do on the background before the cat -- and birdie -- can be bonded down.

I'm farther along on this that I would have thought when I dug it out a few weeks ago. But who knows how long that will last!!!


Janet O. said…
Whew, I feel much better now that I have seen the loot! Thanks.
Oh, I am loving those cats. Enlarged the photo and giggled at the fun!
Barbara Anne said…
Love the yummy hand-dyeds you got! I agree that admiring the colors and petting the fabrics is a good pasttime. I have bundles of hand-dyed that I bought a decade ago that haven't been cut yet. They are just SO delicious to look at!

Well done on progressing on the cat blocks. You put me to shame as I seem to sit and veg in front of the TV during the evenings. I used to cross-stitch at that time of night so perhaps I can start that up again (have a sampler to finish) or get some applique ready to stitch (two such projects await me ...).

Karla said…
The primitive cats had me smiling. They certainly are fun! What are they going to be used for? Is it a group project?

Fabric fondling sounds like the only way it can talk to you, so when the perfect project comes around for each piece you just know it! Happy touching!
Anonymous said…
I have to say that your hand buttonhole is the neatest and most even of any I've ever seen - and you left a needle and a skein of black in one of your silhouette blocks. Finders, keepers. =)
Tanya said…
You seem to be getting lots done! The cats are a laugh!