Best-Dressed Doggy

Remember that great big stash of fabric scraps I received last week? How could you forget?

It was divided up into various categories including quilt fabrics, large pieces for the rummage sale, etc.

There were some small pieces that fit the "elegant" category. They included velveteen, lace, taffeta, slinky-slithery, and other couture fabrics. I knew immediately what their purpose was and put them all together into a smallish box.

Our daughter is spending two weeks in Melbourne on business. That is a long time away from Mommy for a person who is just six, and yesterday when son-in-law and kids arrived for dinner, Caroline was showing some wear and tear. Fortunately, she had brought along her [possibly transgender, or perhaps just cross-dressing] stuffed dog, Woofie. The remedy did not fail. Woofie appeared "on the catwalk," according to C'line, in various magnificent ensembles. My favorite was a lime green creation with a matching mantilla. S/he left garbed in a slithery pinkish-purple outfit, perfect for relaxing at home, in the arms of a happy mom.

Thanks be to my friend for taking the edge off a little girl's distress!


Barbara Anne said…
Oh, what fun to fashion clothes for a stuffed little friend and the creativity is just the thing to take someone's mind off of missing Mommy. Yes, your generous friend gave you boxes of fun. Who knew?

Two weeks is a long time to be away, but hope Mommy is enjoying the change of scenery, the change of climate (winter there), and all that is amazing about Australia. Can they Skype while Mommy is gone? Wonder what she'll bring the kids?!

Janet O. said…
Tough time for a little one, but a creative grandma to ease the stress.
I think my favorite fabric category was the slinky/slithery. Conjured up images of a snake going through a Slinky toy. : )
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Smart you and your treasure-trove to ease the situation... Woofie is one happy pup with such a great wardrobe and personal designer! Sam appears to be underwhelmed with all the goings-on.
Laura said…
How lovely that sounds, both for the little girl and for her stuffed animal!