Three, Four, Five

Oh, are these blocks fun to make!

There will be twelve. The centers are all done and the squares to make the HSTs are all cut.

Yes, this was supposed to be a L-E.

We all know how that goes!


Nann said…
I start making L&E units. Then I get impatient and sew a whole bunch. Sometimes the "sew-between" project gets done before the one that I was working on. Are you making assorted Prickly Pear blocks or a version of Roll Roll Cotton Boll? [The Nitpicker in me wants to put commas on that quilt name.]
Barbara Anne said…
Love your new blocks!!

Isn't it amazing when a project tells us when we've made enough blocks or that we need to make more, to set the blocks this or that way, and to choose this or that border plan?? It's part of the creative mystery and the fun!

Quiltdivajulie said…
What matters the most is that you are having FUN with your stitching!