Busy Like A Bee?

Well, I finished all of the geese I needed for Veteran Lap Quilt #6 and then stopped. I'll get them together. But not today.

The Guild has decided that a Bee is in order for the coming year and my indefatigable friend Kathy agreed to organize it. I've not been in an actual bee previously, though I've done similar exercises.

Each participant must choose what she wants the other members to do for her, and each month a different participant is the recipient. We will make two blocks each month for the recipient.

I am asking for 9" churn dash blocks with interesting black and white for the background and bright, contemporary fabrics in orange, yellow and red for the focus. The second block reverses the request: the black and white becomes the churn-dash and the bright fire-color fabric becomes the background.

Anticipating questions, I thought it would be wise to produce a couple of samples for each block type and I think I'll develop a data sheet explaining exactly what I want. You can click on the photos to get up close and personal with my churn dashes.

What absolute fun I had picking out the fabrics and assembling these churn dashes! I'm hoping that my month will come early in the year because I'm going to be eager to see what my bee-mates come up with for me.

Also, I'm looking forward to the challenge of fulfilling their wishes, stretching myself, and perhaps earning some new techniques.


AnnieO said…
Churn Dash is an all time fave for me. You're making it easy for your bee mates--hope you get better results this go round than the last swap! Whatever happened to those Kaffe rejects?
LizA. said…
Fun, fun, fun. I have a FQ or 2 of that b&w dog fabric.....I'm with you, can't wait to see what you get back.
Barbara Anne said…
What a cute idea and what fun it will be to participate and to see the blocks your friends make for you! The handout information will certainly help make sure all is well understood.

The guild I belonged to in TX used to have what was called a Brown Bag project once a year. Each person who wanted to participate made some sort of center (size restrictions in the rules), added an information sheet about preferred colors and/or theme (like Christmas, or "no pink"), a pattern if applique was involved, and even a bit of fabric if you wanted to. Each participant brought all of this in a brown grocery bag labelled NOT GARBAGE and the swap began. You took home someone else's bag and added a border, or made a block, or did what was asked in the note. The bags were exchanged at guild meetings for the next two months and the third month for the guild show and tell, one at a time, the bags were opened and the maker of the center got to take her newly expanded and amazing treasure home! I loved this project and have some wonderful wall quilts from years of participating.