Three and Four

A couple of years ago my church pledged to raise a great deal of money towards the eradication of malaria worldwide. I'm delighted that we surpassed our goal of $25,000 within two years (we had allowed three).

My main contribution was the creation of a raffle quilt. Since the focus of our effort was a community in Nigeria, I decided that African fabrics were the way to go. Fortunately, right around that time there was a quilt show -- how convenient! -- and while I was there I bought a bunch of FQs. I wanted a little more variety, and lo! and behold! my internet friend Wanda was working with African fabrics at the same time! I wrote and offered to purchase any scraps she didn't need and she responded with a bulging bag of goods for a ridiculously low price. When I challenged that, she said she wanted to make a contribution to the cause.

My quilt brought in more than $1,000 and I even knew the person who won it!

When I wanted a break from Civil War stringss this week, after completing two flimsies from them, I happened to stumble over the bag of left-over rectangles I'd cut for the malaria quilt. There were more than enough of them to complete two more lap quilts for wheelchair-bound Veterans, bringing my total to four flimsies at present.

These quilts will be bound in black. They measure 36x36.

So I've upped my goal from four to six, and I'm back to the Civil War for #5. This one will involve a flock of flying geese.

Then, for #6, I'm going to plunge into those fabrics I received yesterday and try to get at least one lap quilt from them. It would be nice to share a picture with my friend.


That was a great pattern to use for the African fabrics, to showcase their boldness.
Barbara Anne said…
Love these two new lap quilts and that they were made from scraps! I must say, what great scraps they were, too.

Your various lap quilts for this project all have had such an interesting variety of fabrics in them that those who receive the quilts will have lots to look at.


Janet O. said…
I really like the woven effect of these quilts, and the large center pieces maintain the integrity of those great African prints. Nice work!