Birthday Party!

An email from sweet Janet started my day off right. She wrote to say that my current Former Leader Ender Blocks remind her of a birthday party.

Me, too. Except I didn't know it.

Birthday Party!

Have found a solution to yesterday's "problem" of not wanting the blocks to end. I'm going to make four more and figure a lay-out to make a queen-sized quilt for our bed rather than the medium-to-large unspecified quilt for unspecified recipient that I'd been planning.

So happy to be on this path!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Outstanding . . . love it when this kind of occurrence happens!
Janet O. said…
I'll bring the ice cream!! : )
Barbara Anne said…
Perfect, indeed! Both the Birthday Party idea for these joy-joy blocks and the idea you've had to make more blocks so it's a happy quilt for your bed!

AnnieO said…
Oh! A destination decided for a project is such a gift. Glad you're the recipient