Thursday, September 01, 2011

Neither Muddy Nor Murky

Our monthly hand-sewing group made a commitment in the spring that over the summer each of us would make a quilt -- preferably a baby quilt -- for the local hospice, where one of our members is a volunteer.

I made a quilt for an adult male hospice patient at the start of the summer and thought that since I was on summer hours and had more time to sew, that I would make two more hospice quilts.  I had bought the Lily and Will fabric to make a quilt that Sherry needed and there was a fair amount of the jelly roll remaining.  So I picked up a little yardage and made these two baby quilts for the hospice.  The smaller one is big quilted in the center and tied in the rest of it; the larger one is tied.  It is sad to think that there is this need; it feels good to be able to do something to help.  When our group  meets in a couple of weeks, I'll try to get pictures of all of the quilts.


Janet O. said...

Nice little quilts for a good cause.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Blackberry approves! Bless you.