Apropos of Nothing

With candy corn, did you ever notice that the white part tastes different from better than the yellow and the orange?

I don't know why.  But it's true.

Oh, and on the lattice/cornerstones question, y'all were about evenly divided between the plain lattice and the lattice with white cornerstones.

I went with the plain lattice.  It is harder to do, of course, but I'm liking it.  I'm about half finished with this phase.  Tomorrow -- oh, woe is me! -- I have to go to the LQS to pick up additional grey fabric for the border!

Okay.  Go grab a piece of candy corn and bite the white off.  You know you want to.


Betsy said…
used to break off the white tip and use it for a "Look, I lost a tooth! fakeout.

ps I got zespook -french ghost?
Janet O. said…
I'll have to ask my husband his opinion on this one. He is the candy corn lover in the family.
Judi said…
Wahhh....we don't have candy corn in the UK, or if we do I have never seen it.

Might be another thing to put on my shopping list for Houston - after all, it's a scientific experiment.

WV = mucksm - is that like buxom only....well....dirtier?
Emma said…
I'm glad you've gone with the plain lattice, but I'm wondering how it's harder than doing cornerstones?
Someone gave me CARAMEL APPLE CANDY CORN in Kansas. By Brach's. Seriously good. It's red, brown and white...

And gone ;c)

Susan said…
Of course the white part tastes better. Just like red M&Ms taste the best.

WV-"inutheat" Maybe in youth eat??