Quilts for Lives Cut Short

The Uvulati, our monthly hand-sewing group, met last night at Bonnie's house and held the ingathering for our summer's labors, wherein each member committed to making one (or more) baby's or child's quilt for the local hospice.  Not everyone was present, and one member forgot to bring her quilt.  Nonetheless, it was a fine harvest.

Bonnie and Judy with Zebra and Lizards.

Two of these quilts were from a block swap we did from "ugly Australian fabric"; no one seemed to have the courage to try to put the finished blocks into one quilt.  Honna brilliantly make them into baby quilts.

Bonnie and Marsha with two sweet quilts.

Helen hiding behind her offerings; the one is still being bound.

Emily with her bright rail fence  and Helen with two more of Honna's "ugly fabric" quilts.

Emily helps me share the two I made.


Judi said…
How wonderful to see pictures of the Uvulati - my international quilt group! I should have realised that your meeting was upcoming and mailed my quilts to take their place with the rest. I'll get them into the mail and perhaps they can join in with those not yet handed in.

I think some of mine are much smaller than the ones pictured - I though they were to go over incubators? I don't doubt that each quilt will find itself a home somewhere.

Lovely also to see pictures of Bonnie's drawing room - I have spent many happy hours there!

Janet O. said…
What a wonderful thing for those in a very tender situation. Beautiful little quilts, and your efforts will be so appreciated by the families--knowing someone cares goes a long way!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Lovely all around and on all levels.

Sadly, I'm guessing this is an ongoing project?

What size quilts are needed?
Susan said…
Looks like your group had a great gathering while helping a worthy cause.
Pat said…
You are indeed a talented, loving and giving group! Beautiful quilts, full of tender mercies.
altar ego said…
Y'all have been busy! It's always fun to see other people's work. I have come to appreciate that even if something isn't my taste, for instance, I can find something to admire about how color was used, or a pattern employed, or even that someone's heart and soul is represented in the finishsed project. It's all good!
Quayquilter said…
So good to see everybody and what super quilts made with love and care.