Today's sewing time was to be devoted to getting "Remember Me," the first project in the Prairie Women Journey Two series, completed.  The blocks are all in horizontal rows.  The lattices and cornerstones are all pieced in their rows.  Today was designated for sewing the horizontal rows of blocks and lattices together and perhaps even getting the border on.

Some months ago, Bonnie Hunter came to Near Philadelphia and taught a crumbs workshop for about 30 of us.  I had a wonderful time that day and really surprised myself at how much I enjoyed these wonky techniques that we learned.  I didn't know if I'd ever use them again, but I certainly did have a good day and felt proud of my completed project.

This morning, with no warning whatsoever, I went downstairs and was seized with a powerful, uncontrollable urge to make crumb blocks.  There was no putting it off.  I made three and set them aside and started putting rows together.  Broke for lunch, ran an errand or two and went back down, thinking I'd get the rest of the rows together and think about the border tomorrow, Scarlett.  Not to be.  The crumbs rose up and demanded attention.

I've had a ball.


Marilyn said…
No foundation, right? Just sew those bits and pieces together? Like yours!
What a blissfully crumby day! So glad you had fun with the bits and pieces...I can't let them go either!

Bonnie, NW
(Near Wichita)
Pat said…
Ms. Hunter created a monster when she got you a-crumin'. SO liberating!!
Salem Stitcher said…
Sometimes you just gotta go where the muse takes you...when she takes you.
Janet O. said…
The fact that I have tried to make this type of block in a class once and never really got the hang of it probably says more about me than people need to know. I mean, who can't make a crumb block?!? Me--I think about it too hard. (I've been told "loosen up" more times than I can count.)
Make an extra one for me Nancy!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Crumbs it is! And, oh, on closer inspection I recognize some of those nostrils!! ;)

Bonnie has a profound effect on all of us.
Margaret said…
I think, deep down, you may have been inspired by the 9/11 anniversary. After all, aren't all of us mere crumbs that, when put together in neighborhoods, nations, and planets, form something really beautiful? Perhaps works leaders could benefit from some lessons in quilating..
howdidIgethere said…
I, too, have given into temptation and been drawn into making crumb blocks (and "coin" strips) unexpectedly. Sometimes the scraps just call out -- similar to the way leader/enders demand to become a "real" quilt. More thanks to Bonnie for being such an enabler!