Going In Circles

About halfway through the summer, I wrote a post about a "project of the month" that I'd rather foolishly subscribed.  At that time I shared the circles I needed to freezer-paper applique to squares.  This was to be my first attempt with this technique.  

Six weeks later, the blocks are all finished!  And I didn't mind doing it at all!  I don't know that this means I'm going to take up applique willy nilly or get involved with teensy weensy pieces to applique.  I just know that I can now applique a circle, having done thirty of them.

Which is a good thing.  Because I've been smitten with Emily Cier's Pinwheel quilt ever since I bought Quilt Remix and made her Irish Chain. I'd love to make the baby size of this quilt.  When I was looking on the internet for pictures, I came across this variation and I might do that instead.  Don't know.  But it feels good to have "applique circles" checked off this summer's list.


Pat said…
Oh Nancy, I LOVE that variation! It looks like bubbles floating up and away! Also love the shell quilting motif. What a happy quilt for a child. Do it! Do it!
Janet O. said…
Your circles look great--I love the scrappy fabrics (even though I am suffering from applique envy). And I do like the pinwheel quilts--very fun!
*karendianne. said…
Nancy! These are fantastic. Spectacular job! Loving these blocks for sure.
antique quilter said…
oh nancy I love these blocks!
they look great!!!!