Bags and Belts

Been makin' some belts and makin' some bags.  And lovin' every minute of it.

This parcel went off to Nate and his family today.  Anastasia revealed that they have been going to the library at Brevard, and I remember how Sam liked having a little tractor-fabric bag to carry his library books in.  When I saw these spectacular zebras, I didn't hesitate for a minute.

This photo isn't so good.  But just look at those not-the-hippopotamuses!  I've not talked with Andrew and Amy about Eli's use of the library, but if he's not going yet, he soon will be.

It was when we were visiting with them that we were first exposed to the not-the-hippopotamus phenomenon, and found it enchanting.  I'd never seen hippopotamus fabric before and grabbed this up as though the bolt were threatening to flee out the door before my eyes!  Both bags are lined with plain white.  One has batting for stabilizing and the other has super strength iron-on Pellon.

One more bag in my plans -- a gift for my old high school friend that I met for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

ADDENDUM:  By popular demand, here is the link to the belt tutorial.  Thanks, Susan, so very much!


Janet O. said…
Wow, you don't waste any time! The bags and belts are all looking good. I want the not-the-hippos to come home with me. Lucky grandkids!
Pat said…
I am in love with those animal fabrics. Do you know who makes them/designs them? Your belts are boutique worthy, m'dear!
Salem Stitcher said…
I recognize those fabrics! I can't believe you've already used your treasures from Asheville Cotton Co. Mine are still in that fabulous bag!
antique quilter said…
I made my girls library bags when they were little with little bags inside attached for their library cards.
they LOVED those bags and yes each one had fabrics of their favorite things at the time
hadn't thought about that for awhile, thanks!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Wow... you're SPEEDY! I love the belts and the bags... will you share the link for the belts? I need to make up some bags for the little book-lovers in my life too; I know they would be well utilized.
Synthia said…
What is the not-the-hippopotamus phenomenon? I love the fabric and the bags.
Anonymous said…
I've not heard of the not-the hippos phenon, but love the fabric. You are speedy and have done a great job on the bags and belts. Thanks for sharing.
Ray said…
Thanks for the link to the tutorial!!
Tanya said…
Thanks for the belt tutorial link. My 13 year old nephew got one made thanks to you!