Retail Therapy

The Asheville Cotton Company was a marvelous fabric shop!  Lots and lots of bolts, pretty things I'd not seen anywhere else.

The one surprising thing was that there were virtually no Civil War fabrics!  That's true at the shop I like in Richmond, too.  Guess it's a "suthren" thing . . . .

Not to worry.  There was plenty to buy.  Like these amazing bats, stripes and googly eyes that I plan to turn into Trick Or Treat bags for Sam and Caroline.  They were irresistible.

Also irresistible were these zebras and not-the-hippopotamuses which I think will make terrific library bags for a couple of little guys; don't you agree?

The batiks were just gorgeous and plentiful and I picked up these two to make a couple of belts that I have promised a couple of people.

These mayfly fabrics (you really must click on the photo to enlarge) were just exquisite.  I need to make a couple more neutral baby quilts, one for my sister's hospice project and another for the silent auction at this autumn's Oktoberfest at church -- the proceeds from that will all go to a charitable cause.

This fabric will be used to make one of those two quilts.
I still needed some new Civil Wars, and on the last leg of our trip, I persuaded Joe to make a stop.  It wasn't difficult because the previous day he'd had to turn around on the Interstate and go back five or six miles to a fireworks store.  Blackberry and I waited patiently in the car, even napping a little, while he shopped for this year's New Year's Eve pyrotechnic display.

So it wasn't at all hard to get him to stop at Sauder's and take a little nap out there in the parking lot next to the buggies, while I did that which needed to be done.


You did what needed to be done...and a Fine Job of it too. The library bags fabrics are too cute for words.

wv = handedge
Pat said…
Wow, did you ever score some good stuff!! I wonder if you could get some of that glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and paint a few bat eyes......
Janet O. said…
My favs are definitely the "zebras and not-the-hippopotamuses".
Looks like you had a great time!
My DH is also very good about waiting in the car (and sometimes even coming in) at quilt shops--as long as he has his ipod he isn't bored.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Ooooh, thinking about Pat's suggestion... quilting up those T or T bags w/ glow in the dark thread! You are one formidable shopping buddy!